• I want to practice daily conversation with Japanese people at my convenient time.
  • I want to make friends to learn Japanese together!
  • I want to have conversation practice on the same schedule.
  • I want to improve my child's Japanese conversation skills.
  • I want to learn basic Japanese necessary for traveling.
  • I want to pass tests like JLPT.
  • I also want to learn about grammar and pronunciation.
  • I want to learn about Kansai dialect, honorifics, and Japanese culture/tourist attractions!
  • I want useful textbooks.

Lesson Plan
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Personal Lesson


$16 for 50 min

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Personal Lesson


$8 for 25 min

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Group Lesson(Max 3 people)


$10 for 50 min


Home work,Original Materials,etc


  • I was born in Osaka.
  • I love spending a day off watching anime and drinking beer!
  • I have been a nurse for 10 years.
  • Specialties: calligraphy, teaching Japanese
  • Hobbies: scuba diving, playing the ukulele
  • Languages: a little English and Chinese
  • I have lived in Australia and Canada before.
  • I have experience organizing international events with over 50 participants.

When do you think Japanese use the phrase 'Nohohon to shiyou'?

It has been 3 years since I started teaching Japanese,and taught more than 5000 lessons with over 250 students. I also have experience winning first place in a text contest held by a Japanese education company.

Despite not having a Japanese teaching qualification, thanks to the students who found me, I was able to have Japanese lessons, and my passion led me to keep teaching while working as a nurse.

"Tea Talk Japan" is a Japanese language class that has the atmosphere of a small café. Mariya selects "ingredients" (i.e., materials) tailored to each student, cooks them up, and delivers fun lessons like a chef.

Everything in Japan can be an ingredient (study material).

All ingredients (materials) are from Japan.

'Nohohon to shiyou' is a phrase we use when we want to relax. Come to Tea Talk Japan to savor the Japanese language and enjoy the culture with friends!