Compared to other Japanese teachers I’ve studied with before, I can honestly say that Mariya-sensei is truly unique and amazing! She is always cheerful and encouraging, plus very patient with my many mistakes.

I also appreciate that she types out and sends me new vocabulary based on whatever we talk about at each lesson so that I can review afterward. I feel like we’re able to talk as friends because Mariya takes a real interest in our conversations.

It’s so much fun chatting and laughing with her about Japanese pop culture, like anime/manga, and how life over there compares with life in the US. She’s good at teaching both formal and casual Japanese, and even Kansai dialect since she’s from Osaka. I’ve learned some cool slang from her lol. Mariya also has a long experience working as a nurse in Japan, so she’s a great choice for a Japanese teacher if you work in healthcare like me or just have an interest in medical terminology.

I think her nursing background helps make her a caring and compassionate person. Practicing Japanese with Mariya has given me more confidence to actually try speaking to Japanese people around where I live in SoCal. I’m still a little shy but I’m always excited for my weekly lessons with Mariya! 真梨也先生,ありがとうございます!

— Roy

I'm so happy that I found Maria-sensei! She understands my style of learning as well as my language learning goals.

Not only that but I have made special requests to have audio files based on the conversation lessons we have and she makes them in the same week of our lessons for me to listen to any time.

I'm so busy so this really helps me. She's kind, understanding and clearly wants to see my Japanese grow.

For that, I'm grateful. She's so good that I insist on paying more than she asks!

— Kendal

Thanks to my lessons for the JLPT with Mariya, I gained the confidence to take the test.

Mariya always uses humorous expressions to help me memorize vocabulary and grammar.

With two lessons per week, I've been able to grasp the natural nuances of Japanese.

I used to be scared of speaking Japanese, but since starting Mariya's lessons, it's become enjoyable!


Thank you for spending time with Ash again today. I am very pleased that he seems so comfortable and relaxed with you.

Sorry if he sends too many emoji/stamps and showing his toys.

The lesson was very nice from what I saw when checking on Ash in the room. I hope that he can speak up more and chat with you more using friendly conversation. Playful and involved is fantasy!

— Ash's father

Mariya sensei is a very honest, kind, and gentle teacher! She patiently taught me from the first page of the textbook for my JLPT exam, using illustrations and photos to explain until I understood.

She even adjusted her schedule to give me lessons every day leading up to my test.

What's more, she uses Google Translate to explain diligently in my native language, Bengali. She is a reliable partner in preparing for my exam.

— Shamima




— Sho Chen




— Peter