About TeaTalkJapan

What kinds of lessons does TeaTalkJapan offer?

You can take one-on-one or group lessons with Japanese teachers via Skype or Zoom.

The teacher will customize the lessons based on what you want to study.

About Free Trial Lessons

I want to try it for free first...

Can I take a free trial lesson?

Yes, you can take a 25-min free trial lesson.

How can I take a free trial lesson?

Click on the "Free Lesson" icon to access the lesson information page.

Please fill in your information and the teacher will contact you for the lesson.

Is the free trial lesson the same as regular lessons?

Yes, the teacher and the learning content are the same as regular lessons.

We will support you in speaking comfortably about your concerns and desires regarding the lessons you wish to have.

No need to prepare for the lesson! Leave it to the teacher!

About Lessons

How long is one lesson?

One lesson is either 25 minutes or 50 minutes.

Please check here for the booking methods for each course

Is there an age limit?

(Personal lessons)

There is no age limit.

Even for young children, we will discuss and decide on the lesson method, so please feel free to try the free trial lesson first.

Children’s lessons are also okay!

(Group lessons)

Currently, group lessons are only for 18 years old and above.

Will you teach me grammar?

If you want to practice a lot of grammar, choose personal lessons!

(Personal lessons)

Yes. We will use dedicated textbooks and explain in easy-to-understand words for students, so there is no need to worry.

Although I do not have any qualifications for Japanese instruction, I am confident in teaching through self-study.

(Group lessons)

Yes. You can learn natural grammar used in conversation.

However, we basically do free talk lessons, so we recommend personal lessons for those who want to learn more grammar.

Is there a textbook?

You can use textbooks recommended by the teacher or prepare the textbooks yourself.

Please feel free to consult with us about anything.

How is the content of the lessons decided?

I will recommend the perfect lesson for you!

If you have specific lessons in mind, such as free talk or grammar practice, you can let me know during our first lesson or request them in the comments when booking a lesson.

If you’re still deciding, that’s okay too! We can discuss and decide together during the first lesson.

Do you prefer free talk or grammar practice?

The content of the lessons is determined based on the learning objectives of the student.

For example, if you want to improve your daily conversation skills, free talk lessons would be recommended!

If you want to practice the basics, grammar or particle lessons would be recommended.

Let's confirm your objectives together and come up with the most suitable lessons for you!

Can the teacher speak languages other than Japanese?

Yes, Teacher Mariya can speak English at a basic conversational level and Chinese at a basic vocabulary level.

Additionally, tools like Google Translate will be used to facilitate the lessons.

Can you take lessons from overseas?

You can take lessons from anywhere in the world!

Yes, absolutely! We welcome students from all around the world for our lessons.

What do I need to prepare before taking the lessons?

As long as you can do video or audio calls, you're all set!

You will need to prepare the following:

  1. PC or smartphone
  2. Wi-Fi or internet connection
  3. Skype or Zoom app

Can I contact the teacher before the lesson?

Yes. You can exchange simple messages, including greetings with the teacher on Skype.

Is there anything to confirm before the lesson?

Please note that the lesson fee cannot be refunded if the lesson cannot be conducted due to issues with your equipment.

Please be mindful of this. Please test your camera, microphone, and speakers on Skype or Zoom.

I couldn't participate in the lesson due to issues with my own device or internet connection.

The lesson fee cannot be refunded.

Please note that the lesson fee cannot be refunded if the lesson is interrupted due to issues with the student's device or internet connection.

Carefree Japanese!